Comfort Cabin Founder

Jeannie Amman


 Years ago, I started dreaming of having a space for creativity. Create is one of my favorite words, and is the first verb in the Bible. God is Creator and made us in His image (Gen 1:26), therefore we are creative. However, some people have had their creativity suppressed or it has lain dormant.  Comfort Cabin can bring hope, restoration and life with creativity. All of us have a unique aspect of God’s creative nature that can only be released by the one who carries it.

In 2010, I heard of a Healing Through Creativity conference, and the name really resonated with me. My dream started to grow into more than a space for creativity, but also a place of healing, spiritual growth, fellowship and community.

I visualize a place that is comfortable, cozy and inviting. For me, that means a cabin due to fond childhood memories, and so this vision involves building a cabin that is a multi-functional gathering and meeting place by the name of Comfort Cabin.


The great divide is not between those who are artists and those who are not, but between those who understand that they are creative and those who have become convinced that they are not.
— Erwin McManus